09 June 2009

Getting Strong

Some interesting changes happening in my fitness levels.

Getting more comfortable jogging (finally). The Air Force fitness test pushups and situps are now a piece of cake (easy to get max points). But I would have to run the 1.5 miles in less than 12:30 to get max on the run (probably not going to happen - I've never been a runner, much less fast runner). Wish there was a standard for swimming instead - relatively I'm much better in the water. Tomorrow is another early morning 5K run. Goal is to break 29 min.

Today in CrossFit I was challenged to reach my max for a deadlift. Started at 115# lifting once then adding 10#. I got up to 155# (tried 165# and could only get it 5" off the ground). Hope my butt hurts more than my low back tomorrow (cause that would mean I was doing it correctly).

After class I managed to climb halfway up the rope (first time getting off the ground)!!! Still working on my goal of doing an unassisted pullup. Making progress. Tomorrow we'll be doing benchpress & pullup sets.

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