20 June 2009


Five weeks ago I started doing the CrossFit workout as I entered the second round of our AFTH Fit2Fight competition (I lost about 10 lbs in the first round earlier this year, just from diet and lots of walking). Round two would putting more emphasis on body composition (fat loss), waist circumference and exercise than just weight loss. I knew that jogging wasn't enough. Resistence training was necessary. In my first class I couldn't do a single pullup (I think the last time I did a pullup was during the peak of my college swim team days). Last month I set myself a goal of doing a CrossFit Pullup by the end of four weeks.

Well, it took me one extra week. Yesterday I was so close; got my chin up to the bar. Today I finally did one. Dropped to the ground and then decided to try it again. Did one but couldn't do two in a row. After today's workout (500 meter row + 0.25 mile run x 5 sets - 28:12) I decided to try it again. This time I did two in a row! Yay me!

Thank you to Whacker, Vanessa, Lee, Red and all the other folks in the class who keep me motivated to lift a little heavier and push a little faster each day.

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