19 June 2009

157 Days Forward

I'm not counting down yet.....but I'm getting close. Started outprocessing and have my medical appointment on Sunday. There's a mandatory briefing on Tuesday. And I have to find out if I will be allowed to pack my knife in my luggage or if they will let me mail it home (which would leave me without my knife for almost two weeks).

Today's CrossFit workout, the "Filthy Fifty" (last month I did 30 reps of each exercise, took me 21 min).

Do 50 of each exercise then move to the next.
Box Jumps (I did the first 25 on the 24" box, the rest on the 12" box - last time it was just the 12" box).
Jumping pullups (I was so close to doing a real pull up before class, I got my chin just to the bar today - I will get it over the bar for sure next week).
KettleBall Swings (8 kg again)
PushPress (35# bar this time, was only 18# last time)
Knees to Elbows (if only the pullup bar was a little thinner, then my fingers wouldn't get fatigued trying to hold my body weight and I could do more than just 5 in a row)
Back extension (used the 18# bar this time)
Wall Ball (squat down low enough for the elbows to hit the knees but I'm not strong enough to get that 12# ball 10 ft up on the wall yet, just 7-8 ft)
Burpees (you know you have been working hard when you get dizzy after every set of 5)
Jump rope (can't get the hang of double jump so I have to do 150 singles)

Time: 35:00 min - the same 7 min per 10 rep pace as last month, but more reps and some heavier weights. I think that means I've gotten stronger. Oh, and last time I hadn't done a 5K earlier in the day. Definately means I've gotten stronger. I just hope I can maintain the same intensity (mostly) at home.

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