07 June 2009

Lazy Sunday?

Allowed myself to sleep in past 6a. Finally got out of bed and went to the hospital around 7:30a.

Patient rounds at 8:30a, wrote some nutrition support orders, typed some documentation.

Walked to the pool with Erika and we did a good 30 min workout (200 warm-up, 5 x 100 on the 2:20, 10 x 50 with 10 sec rest between laps, 150 cool down). After a shower I laid out in the sun with my homework (Air Command & Staff College unit 2).

Around 12:30p walked over to the Beauty Shop for a manicure - waited for over an hour but gave me time to eat a Subway roasted chicken & read some more homework.

Managed to get back in time for the yoga class at 3p, followed by my regular Sunday Muscle Therapy (aka "Massage").

Now I'm in the Rec Center, waiting for the Sunday night Bingo game at 8p.

With all the walking around (including the trip from the Rec Center where I sit on the computer most evenings to the Dining Facility and back), I've walked 12K steps today (according to my pedometer).

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