04 April 2009

Thank You for the Care Package

Look what arrived yesterday!

<3 Thank you Aurora.


  1. Any requests for items to be sent in a future care package to Balad AB? I would love put together a package!


  2. You previously mentioned magnets. Do you have any food magnets? The doors to our offices are metal, those might be cute.

    Please no more candy or Girl Scout cookies; we're bursting - and we're doing another 6 weeks weight loss competition starting Monday.

    But we could use more freezer pops (send inside ziploc) for patients. Coloring books for pediatric patients and any Arabic dubbed DVDs would be worth their weight in gold. Travel sized shampoos, tooth brushes and toothpaste for our patients.

    And we're going to be having a large group going home in 75-80 days so it's nice to have those on the trip home (instead of the big bottles).

    Thanks for the postcard!

  3. You are so welcome! I will get to work!