15 April 2009

Operation Postcard Update

We're halfway through April and here's the wall in the DFAC (Dining Facility) so far -

For those who may not be aware of Operation Postcard, here's the story:

For the month of April, I'm looking for people to send us postcards from all over, to post on the wall in the hospital dining facility.

If you are interested in sending us a postcard, here's the address (standard US postage).

Nutritional Medicine
332nd EMDG/EMDSS-Nut Med
APO AE 09315-9997

Yup, that's it. Nothing else needed. We'll get it and put it up. Of course there will be pictures. I wonder how many cities, states and even countries we'll see.

And this expires at the end of April (then I'll have to think of something different to do to keep life interesting around here).


  1. I'll be sending one, once I can FIND a place that sells postcards around here. It's ridiculous! I can find magnets, but not postcards. I have to buy one for a friend doing a Flat Stanley project too.

    Maybe magnets next month???

  2. Hmmm, magnets. That's not a bad idea!

  3. Well, I'll make sure I get both to you in the mail by next week. I'll be going to the zoo, so there will surely be something I can mail off!