21 April 2009

The Hospital Tbar

Tbar artwork is all over the base (cause there are so many of these cement structures with flat walls that just beg for paint).
I've taken pictures of many of them (see my flickr pages).

In front of our hospital the 332d Expeditionary Medical Group Tbar project has finally been completed.

Here's the series.

The final result!


  1. I really loved the T-wall art when I was there too. My unit painted an amazing one (at least in my opinion) outside of the east side medical clinic. It's not too far from the AFTH. I wonder if you happened to come across it yet? What's your flickr page?

  2. Hey Ms. Missive - the current Clinic across the street from the hospital, or the old one down the road across from DFAC2? What did your unit paint?