15 April 2009

Military Challenge Coin

Are you familiar with the tradition of the Military Challenge Coin?
Here is the Wikipedia entry (easy click & read, so I won't recopy it into here).

I'm collecting coins here in Iraq (natch). Some I am purchasing.



4th AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE UNIT (From Hill AFB) when I participated in "Medics to Maintainers".

Sometimes a coin is gifted to you.

777th EAS (gift from 1st Lt Parker, who wants to be a dietitian and spent a few days in Nutritional Medicine shadowing me)

And then there is a Commanders coin which is presented (in a handshake) when you do something above & beyond. These are the best!

330th Transportation Battalion - I gave a Nutrition briefing "For the Love of Chocolate" and the Colonel must have really enjoyed it. He gave me this coin in a handshake at the end. Nice!


  1. Those are great to see. I was given one when I got up and did PT with my son, all the other troops and the rest of the families on family PT day. I was in Baumholder, Germany at Christmas. It gave me a new appreciation for the troops, it was very cold out there at 5:30 AM. Looking forward to the rest of your collection.

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