14 November 2009

Row Row Row

No, the rain didn't flood out Joint Base Andrews. But it sure caused a lot of damage up and down the coast (mostly it was the winds). I think the worst is done for now - we're suppose to be clear tomorrow and then it will start again later in the week.

Meanwhile, the gym is still open. So to pass the time today I grabbed this WOD from LasVegasCrossFit.com (from earlier this week).
30 PullUps (used the blue resistance band)
1500m Row
20 PullUps
1000m Row
10 PullUps
500m Row (21:45)

Followed by Overhead Press (65#) 3-3-3-3-3

The rest of the day involved catching up on missed TV shows by finding them online (and waiting through the buffering).

Tomorrow is a fun treasure hunt through Washington DC and the Capital Park area.

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