11 March 2009

It's National Nutrition Month

We've started a "tip of the day" wall in the DFAC. The other day Morale Committee folks passed out the "Eat Right" pens I purchased (Swag) along with their little monthly motivational quotes (kind of like getting fortune cookies when you come to or leave work). Last week gave each of my troops green "Eat Right" mugs.

I was invited by the JBB Services/DFAC to present briefings and after some back and forth settled on "Sports Nutrition" this week. I'm making the rounds of the 4 Dining Facilities to give my presentation (in two weeks we go around again for "Behavior Modification"). Yesterday was DFAC1 - had an audience of 8. Today was DFAC2 (the one closest to my housing area and it's sort of small compared to the others). We had 16 folks. Tomorrow is DFAC3 and on Friday will be DFAC4 (over on the West side of the base so it's a bit of a drive to get there). I'll try to get some pictures.

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  1. Happy RD Day! Thanks for your service to our nation and our health.