10 March 2009

How's the Weather?

I arrived in Jan after there had been some serious rain. I was introduced to the puddles and the mud (to avoid at all costs).

Then we get mostly sunny days and never gets below 45 degrees at night. Is winter really over? Why do I have rain boots? Well, we did get a few windy days blowing the dust around.

Often the wind brings rain but the past two months it hasn't been more than just dirty sprinkles. We've had some nice sunny days. Sunday it was pretty darn warm.

Then it got very windy.

Which led to a large dump of rain (with thunder) after midnight and lots of deep puddles and thick mud all around the housing area and the hospital today.


  1. It looks just like that in Chicago right now. We had had rain for days. Rivers are overflowing and my mom's backyard looks like Lake Michigan.

  2. guess i am better off in san diego because i can still remember those chicago rains!