21 March 2009

How Much Longer?


  1. Sentence Served? As a military professional this website reflects poorly on you. I served 30 years in the miltary and 12 months in Balad and never considered it a sentence. I would recommend that you reconsider your statement or resign upon your return to the states.

  2. Sir, I thank you very much for your service. I have nothing but the utmost respect for all our military (our service members AND their families).

    However, I must ask if you have read my entire blog?

    I'm sorry you feel that any semblance of humor on this page makes you think I should resign my commission. It seem you haven't read enough to see how proud I am to be here and the job we are doing here.

    This particular Circle of Freedom is like many other countdown excel spreadsheets that circulate around many deployed locations. I did not write it myself (although I admit I did figure out how to change the "beer" to "champagne").

    For your information, I have already told my consultant that should the opportunity present itself (and my husband is okay with it), I would be happy to do this again.