19 May 2010

Reconnecting with Family

Lots of people are pissed about the privacy stuff going on around Facebook these days. I say "take the time to reset/check your settings, be careful what you post about yourself, pick your friends carefully, and use the place wisely". Because right now I believe the benefits outway the risks.

I haven't seen my half-sister in over 10 years. We didn't grow up together and her life has had lots of ups & downs (most of which I heard about third hand from our father). Recently we "found" eachother on Facebook. And this week, while in San Diego for a conference, we gathered together for a short visit. Our dad and his wife drove down from the LA area, and my mom joined us for dinner.

Jackie & I still don't have much in common (except some facial features and half of Dad's genes, including the one that doesn't show our true age) but as we all grow older we learn to value the benefit of family ties. I hope it's not 10 more years before we see each other again.

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