01 September 2010

Hero WOD: Hermanson

Today's Tier 2 WOD will be a Hero WOD.

This WOD is in honor of Adam Hermanson, who was killed in Iraq September
1, 2009 while serving with the United States Air Force. He was a beginner
CrossFitter and a personal friend of CFLV member, Ash Nemetz. Scott Pugh also knew him.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 rep rounds of:
Wall Ball (20#/14)
Ring Dip
Box Jump (24”/20”)
*In between every round, 50m walking lunge with 45#/25#.

It's going to be tough, but it's in memory of someone special to members of CFLV.


Okay, we did it. Sort of. After 3 rounds even the trainer (Joe) agreed that 50m weighted lunges was too much. He gave us the choice of 50m no weight, or 25m with the weight. So the last 6 sets I did the 25m weighted. That's 1 lunge per meter for me. 9 rounds of those lunges. I did bench dip (with my feet on the 12" box) because I don't play with the rings any more (my shoulder). And the tire I used for the box jump turns out to be 22" (but I find it easier than jumping on the 20" box - go figure).

I got a little dizzy in the middle. But pushed through with a finish time of 40:41. Took about an hour to recover. Now it's been 3 hours and my butt muscles are feeling it. Wonder how I'll feel in the morning.

Lifting a cold diet Sprite now in Adam's name. We'll see you next year, and I promise I won't cry during the lunges.

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