25 March 2010

My First Helicopter Ride Was Amazing

So many good sights. Lots of pictures & a few videos (start HERE on the flickr).

Early morning (0730) showed us the dawn over the Big Island mountains. We headed towards the sun across the middle of the island to reach Volcanoes National Park. Steam vents everywhere and perfect overcast conditions to find some hot lava.

From there we go up the East coast through Hilo and into Waipi'o Valley. So many waterfalls all over this side of the island.

A great overview of the island. Funny & informative pilot (Koji) and great customer service (Paradise Helicopters).

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  1. Wow! I have read your entire blog from start to finish and I have loved it. I'm actually an aspiring Air Force Dietitian... I'm up for computer matching in a week for their internship program; the very one that you spoke at in Fort Sam. I can't wait! Reading your blog has made me even more excited about the opportunity! Seeing the things you have accomplished and reading about your experiences has given me amazing insight, and I'm really glad you have shared with the web. Wish me well in my matching, and maybe, just maybe, I will run into you and have the opportunity to serve along side you and learn from you one of these days (Nellis AFB was one of my stationing choices) I look forward to reading more of your adventures. You and yours stay safe and God bless!