17 March 2010

Kauai Safari Adventure

Kayaking, Hiking and Zipline, OH MY!

What a way to combine different activities into the day. Started with a drive to the harbor and lessons in paddling a kayak. Person in front paddles, person in back steers. Guess who was the boss. Apparently my paddling turns the boat to the right, but I say it was his oversteering. We still survived the 2 mile journey upriver (past the Menehune Fish Pond and the Indiana Jones rope swing from yesterday). Then we started the hike to another pond & rope swing (great video HERE and HERE).

Onward up to the valley for a ride to the "test your fear of heights" foot bridge and then the first zipline.

After lunch and the second zipline (side-by-side) we hiked back to the river for the ride back to the harbor and the end of a long adventure. Time to relax & enjoy the sunset.

Pictures and videos on the flickr, start HERE.

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