30 December 2008


If you have never deployed in the military, here is a rundown of this process.

1. Get a check list from your UDM (Unit Deployment Manager).

2. Get ready for a scavenger hunt (you have to be at one briefing on Tues or Fri in the mornings, another is only offered Wed afternoons, and the small pox immunizations are only available Tue & Thur afternoons). You have to go to Biomed for gas mask fittings (Tue-Fri mornings or Mon-Thur late afternoon), Public Health (which sends you out to fill in their own list, including Mental Health and another trip to Immunizations), and multiple inperson training events (including the 3 day ECST I described earlier).

3. Get your uniform (three separate trips to the "store" this past month until all my items were available).

4. Did you get all your online training done? Print out all the certificates? Submit them to your UDM?

5. Time for the PRU (Personnel Readiness Unit) appointment - your UDM brings the 6-part folder and the PRU checks to make sure you have everything in the folder. Check!

6. Itinerary (when are you leaving and how are you getting there)?
Whoops! Hit a little snag here. One system didn't communicate with another system - am I attached to Nellis AFB or am I part of Robins AFB (ARPC - Air Reserve Personel Center)? Do I fly up to Sacramento, CA or are they sending me to Bangor, Maine (by way of St.Louis)?

7. Pack. Try to ship stuff because you're going to be shlepping these bags in and out of the aircraft all week.

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