28 December 2008

Last Day at Work

It was bitter sweet. I'm excited to be off on an adventure, a chance to support our country and do the job for which I joined the USAF Reserves. At the same time, I feel like I'm letting down my coworkers. I know many at Sunrise Hospital have come to depend on me for so much. In pediatrics I have been the diabetes educator, the nutrition support specialist, and many times a problem solver. This deployment is also taking me out of the weekend rotation so the other dietitians (*cough* Medical Nutrition Therapists) will have to cover every five weeks instead of every six (I'm so sorry Administration did not approve a VSP to cover my FTE).

Here are pictures from my "last day" (not really leaving, just taking a very long "vacation").

The Medical Nutrition Therapy department: Doreen, Katarina, Judy, Kristen, Me, Lorna and Melinda

Pediatrics (Michelle, Veronica, Christi, Melissa, Necole, Darlene, Margaret

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (Jennifer, Healther, Kathryn, Leanne, Alicia) Pediatric Social Workers (Shelly & Anne)

Pediatric ICU (Joanne, Valerie, Abu)

It was also a long day. I saw all my patients and then continued onward 3 more hours cleaning out old files, putting away old notes, and creating the pediatric education master notebook. See you guys next year!

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