03 October 2010

USAF Fit Test Results

As I posted last year, the AF Fitness Standards were updated. The new AFI started this July. Harder to get 100 points, more weight given to the run (cardiovascular fitness), but a little more room to wiggle in the waist measurement. And a hell of a lot more push-ups (I have no idea why that standard went up so much).

This morning's results:
1.5 mile run - 11:40 (I think my fastest time ever). Scored 59.9 (needed 11:22 for full 60 points).
26.5" waist (could be up to 31" for full points). 20
36 push-ups (so close, so close to full points). 9.5
43 sit-ups (only needed 41 for full points). 10
Total score: 99.4

Feels good to be setting a proper example as a health care provider who is part of our fitness & health AFI. And even though the score went down, my overall results were markedly improved.

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