11 April 2010

Welcome to the 301st Fighter Wing and Medical Squadron

Introduced to the mission of the unit. Then to my squadron. The largest medical reserve unit in the USAF - providing support to the entire base and maintaining readiness to deploy anywhere in the world.

Many folks from here were in Balad with me last year! So great to see so many familiar faces. Some of them are going back this fall.

Here is my team:

We're building the Nutritional Medicine Element almost from scratch, I'm the first dietitian they've had in the unit. I volunteered to be alternate unit fitness monitor as well (there were a few folks impressed with my push-ups). Next time I'll talk with the squadron vice commander about additional duties in the administrative side (next time I deploy I want to be in the command hallway, not the kitchen - and transfering to a unit is how I can get the experience to do this).

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  1. Very cool sounding. Good luck with all of that. Glad to see you are doing well.